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Mature Woman

I had been searching for almost a year for the right adult day care facility to send my beloved mother too. She suffered a stroke 2 years ago that has greatly affected her ability to walk and perform normal activities of daily life. Being that I work full time, I have none to spare during the day to take care of her, but I know she needs it now more than ever. I recently placed her in a facility near our home that happened to provide physical and occupational therapy as well. Prestige Rehab happened to be the provider and all I can say is, WOW. From the moment mom and I entered the facility, the Prestige staff had sat down with both of us to learn more about her ailments and how they could properly map out a treatment plan for her. They instilled the utmost confidence in the fact that they would get her back on track and improve upon her daily functional ability, and they did just that. In fact, mom is now back home with me full time as her improvements have superseded our expectations and she is now able to take care of herself throughout the day while I work. So all I have to say is this, thank you to the staff at Prestige Rehab for not only improving my mothers health and wellness, but also bringing her back home to me. I am forever grateful.

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Smiling Elderly Woman
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Prestige came into our facility offering to provide their rehab services. At first I didn’t know what to expect but soon after I saw what I great asset they became to our community. The clients absolutely loved them and they built such an amazing rapport with everyone. Their services were professional and our clients were so happy to be receiving PT and OT services in-house and feeling better daily.


Senior Man

Recently, I had four tendons reattached in my left shoulder due to an accident on a tennis court. I attend an adult day care near my home due to the fact that my injury has impaired my ability to perform normal daily tasks. Prestige Rehab happened to be the provider in the building so I decided to utilize their services to hopefully improve my condition. I would like to start by stating how welcomed I felt as a new patient and how attentive my therapist was. I felt heard, understood, and confident in my treatment plan.


They will make any time of day work. Appointments are very timely. They are amazingly knowledgeable in body kinetics & physiology. My therapist provides a roadmap of  my journey to improvement but that is only the beginning. With gentle hands they…pull…stretch…flex…extend…knead…tape…and measure your progress. All with the utmost safety in mind. This has been by 3rd rotator surgery, so my experience relates to knowing whether the staff is capable and competent . I highly rate these physical therapists . They are very thorough . Please give them your consideration

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Senior Businessman

I was hesitant about physical therapy but was pleasantly surprised. I had constant headaches and numbness in my hard due to herniated discs in my back. My therapist, Daniel’s, healing hands and skills made an immediate difference. After three treatments, my headaches had disappeared and the numbness diminished. Daniel is a really lovely person with great skills that will make the much desired difference that you may need. For the first time, I felt hope from my very limiting and constant pain.

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Portrait of Senior Woman

The experience I have had at Prestige Rehab has been outstanding! My therapist, Sathi, has exceeded my expectations and has helped me overcome many obstacles. My quality of life and ability to perform daily activities has greatly improved because of her and all of the staff at Prestige. I cannot recommend them highly enough!

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