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Prestige Rehab provides onsite rehabilitative services to assisted living facilities, adult day cares, memory care and 55+ senior communities. We provide a hands- on approach by communicating thoroughly with onsite medical and nursing teams to help deliver the best possible care to the residents as well as prevent potential injuries. Prestige Rehab provides a one stop shop that will enhance the quality of life of all residents within the community. Our providers focus on ensuring that residents continually remain mobile and are provided with the resources necessary so that they achieve their rehabilitative goals and live healthier, happier and safer lives.

Senior Therapy



We believe that the Golden Age should be golden.

Competitive Advantage

In today’s competitive market it is becoming increasingly more difficult every day to stay ahead of the competition. New senior living communities, memory care centers and adult day cares are popping up each day. A partnership with Prestige Rehab can help your company with the competitive edge it needs to stay ahead of the pack. Our years of experience in the market, providing the highest level of care to our patients creates for a more desirable living environment for your residents. It’s also very common for many senior living communities to not provide any in-house therapy at all, forcing their residents to go out into the community to find care for their debilitating symptoms and injuries.

By partnering with Prestige we bring the therapy service right to your residents’ doorstep. We can provide services such as physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy and massage. We also work very closely with many other medical professionals within the community, allowing for an even greater scope of care for your residents. Whether your facility has a dedicated gym/rehabilitation space or not, it doesn’t limit our ability to treat either way. Our dedicated medical staff have the ability of treating/providing care for your residents up to 7 days/week.

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Increased Exposure

A partnership with Prestige Rehab will significantly increase your exposure within the community. You won’t simply have to rely on your marketing staff to help grow volume within your facility, because we as well will be co-marketing your facility. Our team of staff is highly trained in all aspects of marketing from, SEO optimization and web presence to social media, marketing staff throughout the community and of course word of mouth presence due to our tremendous reputation throughout the community.

Improved Outcomes

Our high-end top of the line quality of care truly stands out amongst the rest. Our five-star care and service will ensure the utmost satisfaction of your residents. It is statistically proven that a person’s mood directly correlates to quality of life, and with our outcome measures we strive to improve every resident’s quality of life regardless of their debilitating diseases/symptoms. Better outcomes, ultimately lead to greater satisfaction and longer retention of stay within your facility. As a partner of Prestige it is our mission to not just treat residents, but focus on helping our partners achieve greatness.

Consider Prestige Rehab as your premier senior living community partner. Our approach has proven to identify and reduce fall risks, improve strength, reduce depression, reduce hospital admissions, increase length of stay/turnover rate, improve quality of life and most importantly provide for the highest level of client satisfaction. This in turn will help your community grow while adding additional beneficial services. A partnership with Prestige Rehab means elevating your facility to a higher standard. Whether you are interested in shifting from your current in-house provider or implementing an entirely new clinic, our process is seamless and simple.

Doctor and Patient
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