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Physical Therapy Session


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Living and Moving With Confidence

Physical therapy addresses the root cause of a patients’ symptoms, so we can help achieve long-lasting results. Our focus on the aging population helps to keep our seniors safe, healthy, strong and most importantly living and moving with confidence. Our patient-centered physical therapy services are designed to treat and heal the most common orthopedic conditions. Prestige Rehab’s experienced and licensed staff uses the most effective, evidence-based treatment options to relieve discomfort, improve movement and functionality, and increase strength and flexibility. If you want to live every day at your best, we’ll help you get there.

Senior Therapy
Kinesiology Taping
Benefits of Physical Therapy:
  • Reduce falls  

  • Reduce risk of injury & visits to the hospital

  • Improve flexibility

  • Improve strength  

  • Build confidence

  • Reduce pain  

  • Improve walking and climbing stairs  

  • Reduce loss of function

  • Reduce reliance of others

  • Improve quality of life


How Physical Therapy Helps

We believe that the Golden Age should be golden.


Speed of walking has been called the “Sixth Vital Sign” because of its importance and relation to older adults’ function and mortality. Prestige Rehab clinicians can intervene with treatment to improve speed, stability, and safety. Evidence shows that increasing walking speed by as little as 0.1 meters/second not only improves independence, but also increases life expectancy. 

Sports Injury


A complete physical therapy treatment plan can alleviate and reduce common causes of pain in older adults and improve muscle strength, joint stability, flexibility, and circulation. Which, in turn, can enhance the quality of life.

Treating balance and reducing the risk of falls begins with a thorough, patient-specific evaluation. Observing patients in their own homes allows our therapists to preemptively identify issues that may result in falls. When we dose therapeutic exercise and balance retraining properly, we reduce balance-related issues and falls. We proactively screens patients and gathers information on changes including overall balance and how pathology, impairments, functional limitations, behavioral patterns, and environmental factors affect the ability to move in space. If the individual demonstrates signs outside normative values, we request physician’s orders for a tailored treatment program before an adverse event occurs.

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